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About Yume


Yume is a Japanese word that means “Dream”. We named our restaurant Yume because we want our place to be supporting each other’s dream as a community. Everyone has various dreams from personal dreams to dream as a community/society. We want our restaurant to be a place where you can talk about their dreams, supporting each other, and celebrate together once your dream comes true.


One of our dreams is to make a bridge between Japanese Culture and American culture through our food. The burger is a traditional American food. We’re adding Japanese essence into those burgers. We’re changing American traditional burgers into something different yet tastes are guaranteed. 


Fresh and Marinated

Wagyu Beef

We use wagyu beef for our burgers. "Wa" means Japanese and "Gyu" means cow in Japanese. Wagyu is a breed of beef cattle originating in Japan. It is known for tenderness and full of flavor. We are marinating wagyu beef for 24 hours before we serve which makes your experience with our burger even more special.


Also, we marinate other non-beef patties for 24 hours before we serve our burgers to you. You will enjoy our tender and flavorful burgers.


Food Entertainment

We are not only serving food but entertainment with our foods. We are trying to make a “wow” experience with our food not only once but twice as you eat our foods. Your experience with our food will be so special and unforgettable.

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